Planescape Canonical Campaign

Session 2: Bye-Bye Evil Guy #1

We Fight a Fire Dwarf/Azer

We found burnt footprints that Bibi had been tracking before she was teleported here. We followed them and Firbolg heard movement over some mountains. We continued to investigate and listen for noises after Firbolg told us of the noise. We see a dwarf who is on fire  ( Azer ) who was putting stones together into a statue of a dragon. He seemed to be doing it in a very particular way, as if preforming a ritual.  Firbolg approched the Azer and Kalseis attemps to sneak, but makes a lot of noise, attracting the attention of the Azer from Firbolg. Bibigul and Jysson Thames the cat stay behind and hid. Azer said something in a lanuage only Bibigul understands and speaks, but the others can assume he's asking who they are and why they're there. TBC



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