Three Truths of the Multiverse

The multiverse operates around three basic principles. Learn these, and you will have a head start on understanding how things really work.

The Center of the Multiverse. Primes think their little worlds sit at the center of it all, but it ain't true. Fact is, nothing sits at the center of the multiverse – how can there be a "center" of an infinite expanse? So, really, no place is more important than anywhere else. By the same token, wherever a body stands is the center of the multiverse – at least from their perspective.

The Unity of Rings. The multiverse tends to form endless rings – whether physical or philosophical. Sigil, the Outlands, the Outer Planes, and even the Elemental Planes form rings without beginning or end. Follow any ring, and a body'll always end up where they started.

The Rule of Three. Things happen in threes. Simple enough? It's not logical, but it's almost always true.

Three Truths of the Multiverse

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