The Factions

The Outer Planes of the Planescape setting are literally made from and shaped by belief. Belief isn't just abstract motivation, but can directly change reality. If enough beings in a town all start having beliefs and attitudes more similar to another plane, they can actually cause the town to shift to another plane altogether. With that kind of power, most everyone on the planes takes belief very seriously (and are often very serious about enforcing certain beliefs in their towns because they don’t want to go shifting off to another plane of existence).

These 15 organizations focus on a specific philosophy and work to convince others that reality fits their philosophy. Planescape is often described as “philosophers with clubs” (in both senses of "club" – a group and a weapon, although open fighting is rare). Each character will hopefully join one of them (and it is fine and maybe more interesting if they join different ones), but early on we will get to know each of them a better. Here is a brief overview of each Faction. More information is forthcoming.

Faction Nickname Description
Athar (The Defiers)

There are no gods, just powerful mortals. They want to discover the secret truth to reality rather than worship what many of them consider frauds.

Believers of the Source (The Godsmen)

Everyone is tested and reincarnated until they become a supreme being. When everyone has ascended, the multiverse ends. Although starting from similar point as the Athar (the gods are just powerful mortals), they instead see that as desirable path we are all on.

Bleak Cabal (Bleakers)

The multiverse is without meaning. However, even if they are often depressing, they are also some of the most understanding caretakers of the oppressed and broken. After all, we are all broken in some way.

Doomguard (Sinkers)

The multiverse is decaying and nobody should meddle with that process (well, maybe some think they can help it along). Basically, the Doomguard like destruction either because entropy is the natural state of the multiverse or in the less-philosophical, it’s fun to tear things down.

Dustmen (The Dead)

Everyone is dead, some more than others. Undead have attained purity – they have purged themselves of all passion and sense. With luck we can attain their purity.

Fated (Takers)

You have to take what you want in life through hard work and by whatever means necessary.

Fraternity of Order (Guvners)

Everything has laws. Learning the laws of the multiverse will give you ultimate power.

Free League (Indeps)

They insist that they are not a faction. They stay out of all the faction politics and watch each others’ backs. Many of them are merchants.

Harmonoium (Hardheads)

If everyone follows the rules (their rules), then there will be peace. They are Sigil’s (sometimes fair, sometimes harsh) police force.

Mercykillers (The Red Death)

Justice must be carried out. Perfection is the goal of the multiverse. At best, are the detectives of Sigil, at their worst, they are the judge, jury, and executioners.

Revolutionary League (Anarchists)

The other factions are corrupt and need to be brought down. Once that is done, the real truth will be revealed.

Sign of One (Signers)

One person is the center of the universe, possibly you. All else is a figment of their imagination.

Society of Sensation (Sensates)

To experience everything is to learn the meaning of the multiverse. Always strive to gain new experiences.

Transcendent Order (Ciphers)

Be impulsive, follow your instincts. Once you sync up your body and mind, you will be in tune with the multiverse. More zen-like than “act randomly.” For acting randomly those we have…

Xaositects (Chaosmen)

The multiverse is chaos. There is no order or pattern to anything. (And rarely will a xaositect member have a sentence that coherent or that complete – except on odd-numbered Tuesdays when wake up facing left.)

The Factions

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