Planescape Canonical Campaign

Session 2: Bye-Bye Evil Guy #1
We Fight a Fire Dwarf/Azer

We found burnt footprints that Bibi had been tracking before she was teleported here. We followed them and Firbolg heard movement over some mountains. We continued to investigate and listen for noises after Firbolg told us of the noise. We see a dwarf who is on fire  ( Azer ) who was putting stones together into a statue of a dragon. He seemed to be doing it in a very particular way, as if preforming a ritual.  Firbolg approched the Azer and Kalseis attemps to sneak, but makes a lot of noise, attracting the attention of the Azer from Firbolg. Bibigul and Jysson Thames the cat stay behind and hid. Azer said something in a lanuage only Bibigul understands and speaks, but the others can assume he's asking who they are and why they're there. TBC

Session 1: Gathering in Baator

The tiefling Kalseis wakes up to a cat licking her face. Finally gaining full consciousness, she pulls herself up to sit and study the cat, and then her surroundings. She can't seem to remember where she is… or even who she is.

"I need your help."

The cat startles Kalseis who blurts out, "You can talk?!!"

The cat introduces himself as Jysson Thames. He is a petitioner who in his afterlife became a cat on the Beastlands. Those who die and have their spirits go to the Beastlands are born as animals but, like all petitioners, lack memories of their previous life. Kalseis can sympathize with that.

Jysson tells her that they are in Baator, one of the fiendish Lower Planes. He has no idea what she is dong here, but he is searching for a magic book. He apparently had it here when he died, but it magically reached out to him. He felt bad leaving it abandoned here in this awful place – not to mention he never finished paying the creator for it! Jysson has a companion here also searching, but they got split up. Jysson would really appreciate any help, because, he is after all just a cat wandering through the Nine Hells trying to find a book he lost in his past life.

As they wander together, one of the random fireballs that frequently appears on Avernus the first layer of Baator explodes near Kalseis, burning her slightly, although thankfully she seems not as badly injured as she thought she would be. Not long after that, the two of them find a skeleton with tracks leading from it. Following those for a distance, they discover a lemure – the most basic form of the devil Baatezu mindlessly slithering along, pushing the book. 

Kalseis attacks and destroys the creature, although being part of the plane itself, it slowly begins to reform. Thankfully, it appears slow enough that they have plenty of time to grab the book and leave. Soon they meet up with Jysson's companion, a Firbolg. The firbolg managed to help some people in his village in the Outlands near the gate town to the Beastlands. As Jysson initially roamed around looking for a way to get to the book, he came across the firbolg's village and they all said this one, who had become a local hero, would help. Out of the kindness of his heart, he decided to help the cat. Unfortunately, he had no idea just how far he would have to go to in order to help!!

Elsewhere on the Prime Material Plane, [[:bibigul | Bibigul]], a ranger and rising protector for her clan followed a mysterious trail of scorched footprints. Odd signs of activity had occurred near their home, and the other clan members that went to investigate had vanished. Now Bibi followed, and hoped she would fare better and stop whatever was menacing the area.

The trail lead to an abandoned mine, and slowly creeping ino it, she was suddenly surrounded by a flash of light!! The air was now hot and dry. Looking around, she was not only no longer in the cave, but she feared she was far, far away form her home. The sky was an endless blood red without a sun or clouds, and the mountain side she stood upon was more obsidian and volcanic rock than the stone she was familiar with. 


Talks with Spinagon

Back to Kalseis and Firbolg, see a flash of light from portal, decide to investigate

Bibigual gets the horn and scares off spinagon

Meets up with others

Consult book and firbolg reveals that Pillar of Skulls nearby and would know how to escape plane

Begin to travel

Spinagon circling above and then fly off

Session 0: Waking on the banks of the River Styx
Being an initial teaser of the campaign start

Water splashes on the face of a tiefling, waking her. She’s on a riverbank, unsure of where –

Water splashes on the face of a tiefling, waking her. She’s unsure of where she is, but it appears to be a river –

Water splashes on the face of a tiefling, waking her. It all seems very familiar, yet at the same time new. She has no memory of where she is or even who she is.

Water splashes on the face of a tiefling, waking her. She doesn’t know how long she’s been here, but her muscles ache all over. A phrase comes to her mind – River Styx. She wonders if that is where she is. That could explain –

Water splashes on the face of a tiefling, waking her. She’s on a riverbank confused, but somewhere in her mind, she knows the water is dangerous – dangerous in ways far worse and deeper than hungry creatures. She starts to pull her way up.

Water splashes on the back of a tiefling, waking her? Her arms strain to pull herself out – but why? She doesn’t know why, but she knows she didn’t just awaken. She’s pulling herself too hard out of the water to have been sleeping.

Water continues to lap at the tiefling, she climbs and drags herself – slowly, confusedly, but steadily for hours? Days? Years? — until she is finally out of the water away from the memory erasing effects of the River Styx. Exhausted, she drags herself a short distance and then collapses.

Later she awakens from an actual sleep by a cat licking her face.


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